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About this blog

I will post about Aupair-life, education, travel, philosophy, and so on.

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About me




From : Japan


Hobby:Traveling | Piano | Tennis | Reading | badminton |

My favorite thing:children | watermelon | winered-color | harrypotter




About reason starting this blog

The trigger was that I went on a trip to Maldives.

I love traveling.

For me, the best part of traveling is meeting lots of nice and interesting foreign people, so am interested in deep under standings through helping with everyday life.

I have been to Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand besides Maldives. And I have been to various plaves in Japan Hokkaido to Okinawa. I especially like traveling islands.




I thought I had a great experience when I came back from my Maldives trip.

There was the most beautiful view I've seen.

I was deeply grateful to the people I met on the trip.

And I strongly felt that

「It's a waste to know only me this experience!」

「I want to share this experience!」




Back then,

I don't know how to start blog...

I can't open the blog.

After that, the days and months more than 1 year have passed .




One day

The turning point came to me. I'm changing  job.

I will study abroad to Finland in October.

I want to take this opportunity to start blogging in English.

Finally, I arrived this page.




About future

I want to post about...

・various travel information

・study abroad in Finland

・other(my favorite things, book review, Life theory)

...and so on.

I'm happy if I can help as many people as possible.




If you have some questions,

You can send a message  from here.

Please point out positively if there are some mistakes.